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Open Church is an intersection of people, resources, and research. We do two simple things.

First, we create and manage a database directory of people, resources, and data. We cannot collaborate without awareness of what others are doing. The database directory’s role in the Body of Christ is like a digestive system extracting nutrients.

Second, Open Church increases access to the database by creating common approaches to cataloging, licensing, archiving, distribution, and technology. In the Body of Christ, these standardizations are like a cardiovascular system transporting the extracted nutrients to the parts of the body that will benefit from them.

Our goal for 2015 is to develop the database directory, create new resource licenses, and solidify a team to lead the initiative and train volunteers.

You can read more in-depth about Open Church in our 2015 Vision Blueprint.

Kent Shaffer – Founder

Kent holistically oversees Open Church and guides its vision. He is a ministry organizational strategist who has spent the past few years working on tech startups and consulting for groups such as, Saddleback Church, and Catalyst Conference. He blogs about ministry at While known most for his thoughts on design, marketing, and technology, Kent’s ministry roots began as a missionary’s kid in Peru and evolved into 10+ years of youth and children’s ministry at Church on the Move and

Eric Dye – Programs Director

Eric leads the teams who make Open Church possible. His background as a manager, editor, producer, technologist, and designer gives him the insight and intuition needed to architect and guide each department. Eric also runs, a prominent ministry technology blog. And he currently lives as a missionary in Italy with his family.

Support Team

Special thanks to those who shared ideas and invested talent thus far including Christopher Benek, Mark Burleson, Matt Guevara, Charles Lee, Jimmy Lee, Steve Mielke, Evie Shaffer, Craig Van Korlaar, and Antoine RJ Wright.

Contact Information

For any questions, donations, or content contributions, please contact Open Church via the following means:


ADDRESS: 305 NW 5th St #1095 Oklahoma City, OK 73101