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6 Ways Your Church Can Be Interactive

Our world is quickly becoming an interactive world because of social media. One-way broadcasting is being replaced with multi-way conversations. People no longer passively consume media. They interact with it. They talk back through Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and more.

Your church needs to become more interactive if you want to connect with people and stay relevant. How can your church service become more interactive? Churches can either encourage this conversation and guide it into something useful and productive, or they can be left in the dust, once again, seen as hopelessly out of date.

Encouraging interactivity can make some church leaders and pastors a little nervous. It means acknowledging that the pastor isn’t the only source of wisdom in the church. It means allowing for disagreements (and agreeing to disagree). But it can also be amazing as attenders tap into the collective wisdom of the crowd.

Here are few ways your church service might be more interactive:

  1. If you stream your services, use an interactive chat platform. Have a host or online campus pastor who greets people and lets folks know they are available for prayer or discussion.
  2. Create an online discussion forum or blog post with comments or even a discussion group that meets for coffee after the service. If you really want to get interactive, add a “talk back” portion of the sermon where you actually discuss the sermon.
  3. Pastors should consider asking one creative question as they begin their sermon. Designate a text number for people to respond to. One example is something our pastor calls the “virtual pastor question”. He will ask a question relating to the topic he is speaking on. Towards the end of the message he will read the responses. They can range from humorous to serious.
  4. Invite people into the message before hand. A pastor could give a preview of the upcoming sermon. Maybe there’s a question that’s troubling the pastor and they could ask for input. This draws people into the weekend.
  5. Make sure you have a church Facebook page. Interactivity shouldn’t be limited to the sermon. Let people share what God is doing in their lives. It’s a powerful way to show what God is doing in your church. Encourage the same kind of discussion as you would for a sermon. Post things that are not only about your church but other things that reflect your vision and values.
  6. Our church will post pictures of activities happening before and during the service to Facebook and Twitter. That’s a powerful way to encourage interaction and help your congregation spread the word about church.

It’s time to start using all the tools available to help connect people. You can start small and work your way up as you feel comfortable but the important thing is to begin. Jesus and his disciples went to where the people were in their time. We can now use technology to go where people are today.

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